About us

Brave New Software is dedicated to keeping the Internet open and decentralized. We build user-focused open source tools that solve practical problems in how the internet works for people. Our operating structure and our purpose are aligned so that the only incentive for our team is to do right by our users.

We rely on seed funding from grants and socially-conscious investors to ensure that our user’s needs and our purpose drive all of  our decisions. We are never beholden to any outside interests and we conduct our business as transparently as possible.

Our current focus is on Lantern, a new internet censorship circumvention tool based on advanced peer-to-peer technology.



The Internet was built on principles of decentralization, but as it has evolved clear points of failure and control have emerged and strengthened. We envision an Internet that lives up to its promise of a truly open and protected information infrastructure. No government or corporation should be able to prevent anyone’s access, or have ways to spy on what they do online.

We believe the core protocols of the Internet can support this infrastructure. We strive to build tools that make it extremely easy for people to use it as we believe it should work: secure, private and uncensorable by default. The core functions of the internet – browsing, publishing, emailing, chatting, etc. – should all have easy to use compelling options that are resistant to control.

Though the whole vision is a huge undertaking we work as part of a movement. We are a node in a wider network of decentralized individuals working in concert towards these goals. We aim for sustainable business models built around software with high standards for user experience (UX) that solve real user needs. All revenue will be reinvested back in to achieving our vision, either in our own initiatives or helping incubate similar organizations. If successful we hope to be a model for other organizations that are built to achieve their vision, and together we will achieve the collective vision of a better future.


The Brave New Software organizational structure is designed to combine the market-driven approach of for-profits with the mission-first guarantee of non-profits. We are inspired by Yunus’s Social Business concept, as well as hybrid organizations like Mozilla. Our structure supports our mission of building a truly open and protected information infrastructure. Like other social enterprises, we aim to generate revenues to cover all our costs, reinvesting profits back in to the mission.

Currently one 501c3 non-profit houses all our efforts, using grant funding as seed investment in massively scalable software products. These products are built to serve customers directly, and compete in the market to ensure that our software is meeting real user needs. As our projects transition to self-sustaining revenue streams we will likely spin them out à la Mozilla, with our non-profit retaining full ownership of the operating corporation.

We seek to work with impact investors in pioneering a model we call a ‘Pay It Forward Business’, where investment in our for-profit subsidiaries can only be made in service of a better world. Thus any accrued value must be reinvested back into other Pay It Forward Businesses or else in to non-profits. We believe that this structure lets us make real guarantees to our users that we will never sacrifice their privacy or overwhelm them with ads just to make profit for our investors.



If you’re reading this site and nodding your head about what we’re trying to do and how we’re going about it, then we’d love your help.

Get Involved

The easiest way for individuals to contribute is to help out on Lantern.  Running Lantern and spreading it as widely as you can is a great step. You don’t need to be a developer, though if you are one then we welcome you to collaborate with us on GitHub.


Organizations who share are goals and vision are encouraged to get in touch to see how we can help one another out. We see ourselves as part of a movement, and we’re only going to be successful if we collaborate more than we compete. If you are aligned and think we could work together we’d love to hear more.


Donations to help us achieve our goals are always appreciated. We are a nonprofit organization and your donations are tax-deductable.


Mission-aligned investors who are willing to innovate with us are encouraged to get in touch. Smaller investments would service current operations of Lantern and help pioneer our Pay It Forward structure. We are also open to discussing new Brave New Software initiatives to be seeded by more significant investments.



hello @ bravenewsoftware dot org

830 Traction Ave #3a
Los Angeles, CA 90013